The B Firm Presents The Table For 20 with Guest Speaker: Shateria Moragne-el (FrontRow Couture)

LgbSjKTNPFtfTBfIbCnLKcVEUi9YTRQwv_gTcjBC7wk So this past weekend I had the pleasure of having my first #Tableof20 experience. Fashion designer Shateria Moragne el, whom you may recognize as the creator and face behind luxury brand Front Row, hosted the #Tableof20 on Saturday and it was nothing short of amazing. She was quite the motivational speaker, she spoke so confidently about her decisions in her career, one could not help but be inspired by her endless dedication to her brand. Although this was my first Table of 20 event it by far isn't my last. r_RsOohDpQR1Z7lfkHfoToySv4mr00x39EdNx5uV_wA Throughout the event Shateria gave us advice about how to maneuver in the fashion arena. She explain to us the struggles and mistakes she made along the way and explained that those triumphs were the best part of her journey. The advice that really stuck with me, was when she mentioned to not let too much outside opinion block your vision. I loved this statement because I know there are so many people who hold back because of what someone has said about them or their idea. I know this happens because it has happened to me. Shateria reminded us that timing is everything never rush the process and stick to your formula. Because she stuck to her formula her clothing line was an instant success when it debut. Fashion lovers adorned her leather textures and simple concepts. Her line is every on the go fashion girls dream. Starting her couture line first Front Row, you can find this to be casual, couture, and chic; this collection is full of high quality leather skirts, pants, and dresses, and of course her signature leather and fur jacket. Because this line is more high end Shateria found that she wanted to have a line that would target another niche market and this line will be called Bars. You will find this line to be just as casual and chic however, will be priced for the every day consumer. And just when you thought she was done she is also in the works of creating an intimates line called 8pm. This woman is really everything a business woman should be. LHxpBnI54OhqOFEx9yer5JqURD7tcjKwKyabg_CfnVQ viA9lZSCTraIJxRmqaVt2dbPNmyHmBUS3k1dGK4uYxo RNIqNdRwzrX2Pv9oMij_GpWIj6oKJ7ml1_9UvjD1Coo The Table of 20 event would have not been possible with out The B Firm PR. I have attended and even contributed to some of their events in the past and I wholeheartedly can say that each experience is more rewarding then the last. The B Firm PR started this #Tableof20 campaign last year and it has been an success since its inception. Each month there are different guest speakers and this company has managed to get some heavy hitters from the fashion and entertainment industry for every event. VRJPmOJx2SvjLrzxnqhgAuaG0zsiBWXjslE9LkiQQAA ddI3Bw03g6NQunfeuVjvT5QPT0rye-OLg1g8J9JJ8lI dDfN1hrd8VubPou9QpfJmHoM7mVLpXQ4H9y5e7i52C8 Lastly, but certainly not least the venue again was so beautifully decorated and held in Neiman Marcus's intimate cafe. Gorgeous place settings and presentation spreads on all the tables. The B Firm PR truly transforms this quaint space into a space you wish you had in your own home lol. This event (like all held by the B Firm PR) was memorable and insightful, getting all these beautiful, talented, and like minded women together is such a motivation to keep going because there are women just like me doing it everyday. _7_lVkbPO0hTInkopcllIGmPZYCc4CjhArIQxHJd8rM eFK4NPrZZmjn8hZPgHRswtkrdAY8SCKuFye_DQjMnAA Jj66MDoHu8FGcAB_KZZKpwALVd-xeVD5n-CllKsmghU VRJPmOJx2SvjLrzxnqhgAuaG0zsiBWXjslE9LkiQQAA hQJW_kwovKbotLsszPg6h3HucPYSBX8dIx4xfo_tDJM ozv2TGtNxD3vnmnAbFFH64mFA-MQwdwQ0hEzx6vGSAQ rQp1mrJst7BkbslOQT7T5pgX-15xmQoNjh3ObNy0npY cO8Pz56VXHC9nUHWulMEDj3y37FjdYxPAkbuWtP6h94 GgmhV-DCtaAnv7hccqNFkWTccp0lTVDcBtvn50qZujk LVjQ9P8kfDMSZFOg1Zgtq-yWTr4N3u0fHVEDMEG1wxw GrIFK9bkzAi9HploBVucXnPmotkacR1fOSQpoKGFOtg X0i4_wBx1fX6N9ZmsOI15LpN0xdwKUWLsVQgdQFw9WQ -3qlK6xJ1qgvnfo6fgS0mkVG1AqKlc2eep-Aa4UKw4Y _FHF_6A9Tnq3RZHy9j0r8oqyeSkuIIujwe_r5UAyuj0 cw0hzU39l9SmeAsCfJM_lb0CGxHD1OKXuDwtTT4S77M   Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
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