Business to Blogger Brunch

IMG_8844 I attended my first Business to Blogger brunch this past Sunday and had a blast. It was just small get together for bloggers to meet and eat. This blogger brunch was awesome for two reasons, reason number one its always great meeting other bloggers in Atlanta, unfortunately there are not too many events for bloggers here. Secondly, I love eating, especially brunch lol. We met at a quaint spot near my home in downtown Atlanta called Einstein's I had an amazing eggs benedict so I will definitely be visiting again. While we dined, there was a small panel of seasoned bloggers giving advice to the newbies, they were very insightful and gave small tips on how to run your blog like a business. I definitely enjoyed myself and cannot wait until next month to meet my new blogging buddies again. IMG_8901IMG_8865IMG_8968 I wore a very cute neoprene dress from Nicole Miller. I am a big fan of neoprene and an even bigger fan of midi length dress. This dress had both elements, I saw this beauty on Rent the Runway and could not resist. It fit me as if it was tailored to me, it was fitted throughout but stretched where needed so you could walk and sit comfortably. IMG_8962IMG_8963 These are one of my favs shoes, o comfy and the heel is just killer. Walter Steiger broke the mode when they designed shoes with such a unique heel. The colors are fun and don't let the heel intimidate you these shoes are actually very comfy. IMG_8971IMG_8955 If you follow me on instagram then you know I take this mini everywhere, it's like my child lol. Ever since I purchased it from Saks we've been inseparable. This purse is small but turns heads and commands attention. Not to mention the metallic gold, I could talk about this bag for hours lol butI'll stop here. IMG_8855IMG_8847 IMG_8871IMG_8923 IMG_8951IMG_8864IMG_8905IMG_8904IMG_8924   Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Nicole Miller - Jagged Little Floral Dress Coat: Asos - Wool Pea Coat Shoes: Walter Steiger - Tadpole Sandals (sold out) Handbag: Prada - Saffiano Mini Promenade Bag Golden (Platino) Accessories: Forever 21 - Geo Ring Set