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Product Review: Nouritress Products

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's that time's another product review this time we are talking hair care. So whats the one thing we want more then a dream closet full of amazing shoes, clothes, and handbags...Fabulous hair of course! But we all know fabulous hair doesn't happen over night. It takes proper treatment and the right products. That's why you have to read along because I've found some products I'm greatly enjoying at the moment. The brand is called Nouritress, I was lucky enough to get my hands on their shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins, and follicle therapy serum. There's so many hair care products out there, the list seems endless so when I finally find something I like I feel obligated to share. Without a doubt my favorite product isΒ the Perfect Hair Follicle Therapy. Absolutely love the way this feels on my scalp, there is an instant tingle and I've noticed how much the ...

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My Little Pony

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

As versatile as I am in what I wear I hate to admit I don't have even half the courage when it comes to my hair lol. I've had highlights only once and that was years ago. I've never cut my hair and have never dyed my entire head. So my hair styles are for the non-risk hair takers of the world lol. I try to style it in as many ways possible; whether it be clip ins, hair extensions, or ponytails. I have no problem changing it up but no drastic changes for me, my heart can't take it lol The trick to this pony is I curl my entire head before putting it in a ponytail, this way there is much much more volume for the ponytail. Once in a ponytail I always smooth out the edges of my hair and then I take a small piece of hair ...

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Fishtailing In Pink

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

One of my favorite hair styles. The fishtail is so fun and unique. Here I added hair extensions for fullness and length. I like this style super sleeked back or a little messy, either way I love. I like the ponytail at the very top of my scalp without being too high. Here, I sleeked all my hair back for a more presses looked.

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