Chic Cape Crusader

IMG_1760 The cold weather is here so lets dress for it. No more bulky and frumpy coats to keep warm. Get creative and daring with a chic cape. Most people are slightly hesitant to try out cape coats, but this trend has been growing in the last couple years and now more then ever capes are a hot must have. Whether it be a long cape or if it hits right above the hips, capes add a feminine flare to outerwear. One important factor to keep in mind when shopping for your cape, is the fit. I would stay away from capes that claim to be for all sizes, I believe that capes should be tailored for each person's body type. So I dare you give the cape a try you won't be disappointed, just let the compliments roll in. IMG_1716 This awesome little cape is from one of my fav designers BCBG. BCBG is always on trend and are able to still keep there distinction from other brands. I purchased this coat some years ago. I fell in love instantly, it was so bad that I went back and purchased the same coat in black also. This cape is shorter version of the cape coat. Some capes can hit at the knee while others like mine are short and stop at the hip. What's cool about this BCBG piece are the gold accents and the coat buttons as well as zips. IMG_1689 Are these not the cutest leather shorts you've ever seen lol?  I hate to get on my Zara soapbox once again and preach about how much I love this store but I just cannot help it. These faux leather shorts were just too cute to pass up. This is literally my third pair of leather shorts and all of them are from Zara. What's so awesome about this pair is that the back actually gathers giving me a more secure fit. The added tie in the front is what really won me over, I just couldn't resist Zara gets me every time. IMG_1925 Now for the main event lol these decadent thigh high boots are from Versace. I swear the minute I saw these boots I had to have them. The boots are leather with a fish net look to them, the sheer fabric underneath makes these boots ultra sexy. They set me back a pretty penny but I will splurge on what I think is worth it, these boots are about two years old but are still on trend. IMG_1993 IMG_1956 IMG_1939 IMG_1911 IMG_1883 IMG_1855 IMG_1808 IMG_1759 IMG_1724 IMG_1711 IMG_1677 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Cape: BCBG - Wool Cape Coat (sold out) Shirt: Zara - Poplin Shirt Shorts: Zara - Faux Leather Tie Waist Shorts Handbag: Prada - Saffiano Mini Promenade Bag, Golden (Platino) Boots: Versace - Thigh High Leather Mesh Boots (sold out)
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  • @yourfashionfairy
    April 2, 2017

    Aaaaah i see that this is an older post but its soooo good on so many levels! The boots alone are to die for😩, great investment😉