Don’t Sweat The Fur

IMG_1159 This look is all about sprucing up a sporty look. What better way to bring a look to together then with a beautiful fur. I know there is great debate about faux vs real fur, but I think either can achieve a trendy look when done correctly. Sporty looks are great for on the go, being able to stay trendy and comfortable is a plus. Finding the right combination of dressing down and yet keeping the look fresh sounds like a difficult task but after this post you'll be spicing up your casual pieces in no time. This sweatshirt dress from Zara was a great buy and a perfect ensemble for the sporty look I created. The sneakers are from the highly coveted Isabel Marant brand, super comfy and honestly the hottest sneaker I've ever purchased. My fur vest I purchased years ago from a fur vault back home in Michigan. I would describe my style as feminine and classic, so it's very rare I throw sneakers in the mix but over the years I have definitely been expanding my wardrobe and learning that Life in Beverly's "sneakers" can be just as fab as Life in Beverly's Heels lol. IMG_1161 This sweatshirt dress is the perfect combination. Its sporty from the sweatshirt fabric, but if you look closely you can see that it has a faux button up sewn at the bottom. Sporty and casual look at its best. This is another Zara piece (go figure right lol). The length of the dress is also great I felt really comfortable wearing it as a dress without feeling like it was too short. The fabric was also pretty thick so great for the colder weather. With or without a vest this piece is adorable and in my opinion can be worn several ways. Other ideas could be to separate the dress, maybe tying a shirt around the waist. Another idea would be to actually dress up this piece with some heels, either way you go I love this dress and I'm sure you would too. IMG_1153 This beautiful fur vest I purchased years ago. Being a Michigander we are fur lovers. I purchased it from a fur vault back home. It's a combination of rabbit fur and raccoon fur around the hood. Furs are becoming a lot more affordable and attainable these days. Ebay is overflowing with options. However, if you are more of a faux fur person, most trendy stores and boutiques offer beautiful fur vest. So either way, real or faux, fur vest are super trendy pieces every fashionista needs in their closet. IMG_1157 These knockout shoes are from Isabel Marant. When these first made their way into the hearts and closet of many fashionistas I had to have a pair, but not just any pair I was set on these metallic pair. I searched high and low and was finally able to track them down. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to purchase mines on sale but now if you shop around you can definitely find a pair on sale or even on consignment. So, pick a pair your heart is set on and don't give up your search because I didn't lol. IMG_1066 IMG_1166 IMG_1160 IMG_1162 IMG_1152 IMG_1181 IMG_1062   Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Zara - Sweatshirt Dress Handbag: Chanel - Large Flap Bag (sold out) similar bag Vest: Rabbit Fur Vest (check ebay) Shoes: Isabel Marant - Sold Out (ebay) similar shoe