Earning My Stripes

IMG_6475 Hope everyone's Memoral Day was great. Hope you ate good, and shopped all the sales even better lol. Headed to a couple barbecues this day and of course I had to go in style lol. Unfortunately, eating in style not so easy I was wearing a napkin bib all day. Not to mention the humidity in Atlanta that day my curls seem to grow by the minute :-) Overall it was a pretty eventful day, I manage to snap some pics post bib and post big hair lol. I wore this little mini from Topshop, I am obsessed with the off the shoulder trend right now. It seem to be an overnight sensation in fashion, like we woke up and boom off the shoulder is everywhere. However, I'm not complaining I love it, I thinks so feminine and romantic. This dress was a little dressy for a barbecue because of the satin like material but I was able to dress it down with a fun and casual wedge from Christian Louboutin. IMG_6481 This little cutie is from Topshop, everyone loved that it was striped, told me I look patriotic lol. You will always catch my in stripes if I have a choice between plain and stripes, stripes will win every time. The dress was a little tighter then I hoped so I do recommend going a size up. However, I do think you enjoy this piece as I did. I guarantee you, you will see me in it again. It can be so versatile dress down or up in my opinion. That's why Topshop never disappoints, incredible style and prices. IMG_6682 IMG_6684 What can I say about these wedges other then they really are from show heaven. Ladies we all know the infamous fit of Christian Louboutin shoes. Uncomfortable and sometimes excruciating pain from his high heels is undeniable, but I bet we all have at least one pair in our closet anyway lol. Christian Louboutin is the best hand downs, the most purchased and coveted high heel on the market. I play the fool right along with you guys I have several in my closet, some are somewhat comfortable and others are just yikes!!! So you plan your events around your Louboutins it's sad but true. However, these wedges I honestly say fell from shoe heaven the first pair of red bottoms I have that don't hurt my feet. I guess being a wedge is cheating but I'll take it lol. So do yourself and your feet a favor, if you just have to have a pair of Christian Louboutins don't shy away from the wedges you just may fall in love. IMG_6452 Can't forget the clutch love. Cute and crystal clear, I saw this clutch on Asos and had to have it. Its from this really fun designer called Skinny Dip. IMG_6488 IMG_6533 IMG_6603 IMG_6462 IMG_6724 IMG_6497 IMG_6539 IMG_6587 IMG_6477 IMG_6735 IMG_6492 IMG_6606 IMG_6451 IMG_6422 IMG_6500 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Topshop - Bardot A-Line Dress (similar) Clutch: Skinny Dip - Spectrum Clutch (similar) (simliar) Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Super Dombasle 160 Black Wedges (sold out) Available on Ebay (similar) (similar)