Fall Flare

IMG_0941Brace yourselves people, fall is here and flare jeans are all over the place lol. I absolutely love this trend I just mentioned it in another post and nothing has changed. Flare jeans, trousers, pants etc. are here and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I personally am already 3 jeans in, someone really needs to stop me :-) I have two blue jean pair and this beautiful khaki pair you see here. I paired my flare jeans with my MLM dress (that I wore as a top) and my all time fav Free People fedora. Now I must admit whenever I wear fedoras I instantly feel chic and fabulous but I'm pretty sure my flare jeans gave me an extra boost of confidence as well. I can't preach enough about how flattering flare jeans can be. Literally everyone of all shapes can wear them. If your slim they create curves, and if your curvy they elongate. You seriously have to give this trend a try what are you waiting for!!!!! IMG_3952 IMG_0924 I am obsessed with off the shoulder tops right now. I'm almost sad fall is here and I can't have my shoulders out for too much longer but trust me any warm weather I can find I will be rocking something off the shoulder. This top here is actually a dress from MLM Label, luckily its a pretty short dress so getting away with wearing it for a top worked out. I am all for versatility, I love that this item can serve two purposes. Let's be honest frugal fashion is the best fashion :-) IMG_0678 IMG_0748 IMG_0769 IMG_0719 IMG_0810 IMG_0705 IMG_0750 IMG_0785 IMG_3947 IMG_0800 IMG_3979 IMG_3950 IMG_3978 IMG_0740 IMG_0835 IMG_0723 IMG_0772 IMG_0762 IMG_0744 IMG_0850 IMG_0743 IMG_0773 IMG_0830 IMG_0760 IMG_0739 IMG_3946 IMG_0740 IMG_3945IMG_0838IMG_3984 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Top: MLM Label - Afar Off The Should Top Stripe (similar) (similar) Pants: Zara - Bootcut Jeans (similar) (similar) Hat: Free People - Clean Slate Felt Hat (similar) (similar) (similar) Handbag: Chanel - Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (similar)
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