Fall Into Colorblocking

IMG_9380 So lets get right into this "color blocking" trend, not exactly sure when it arrived but I am sure that its here to stay. The trend is basically two colors paired against each other, sounds simple enough right lol. Well it is all you need is two colors, an ensemble, and a dream :-) Color blocking can be two bold colors or this trend can be achieve by putting neutral or subtle colors together its really up to you. The dress I am wearing here I definitely cheated my way into the trend lol. I would love to take credit for matching these colors together but this is actually a flare dress that was pre-colored blocked. BCBG sure knows how to take the pain out of trying to trend, absolutely everything they make its up to date and ready to wear. So guys and gals try the color blocking trend out or cheat like me and purchased the BCBG look below but whatever you do have fun! IMG_9494 IMG_9495 IMG_9496 Loved this dress when I saw it at Saks and the price wasn't too bad either. The fit is pretty true to size and I love the neoprene material. No need for me to get into my obsession with neoprene I have already preached about it before in several post in the past lol! IMG_9320 IMG_5660 IMG_9396 IMG_5683 IMG_9419 IMG_9323 IMG_9368 IMG_9392 IMG_5666 IMG_9418 IMG_9325 IMG_9371 IMG_9351 IMG_9502 IMG_5662 IMG_9340 IMG_9363 IMG_9348 IMG_9369 IMG_9484 IMG_9373 IMG_5648 IMG_9412 IMG_9384 IMG_9423 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: BCBG - Genesa Colorblock Neoprene Dress (similar) (similar) Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti - Suede & Leathered Buckled Peep-Toe Bootie
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