Falling in Trenches

Would love to tell you that I look forward to fall and winter for the holidays and weather but I have to be honest its all about the fashion lol!!! So lets get straight to it, a fashionista cannot survive the cold weather without some amazing coats in particular trench and duster coats. I am ashamed to admit just how many I have. Some even the same color :-). The most important factors to consider when coat shopping is the material, length, fit, and color. The material can range from wool, nylon, to cotton. Length is important because the longer the coat the more the dramatic your look becomes. As far as fit is concern its  actually up to you, I would say for everyday coats where your going to be in layers or sweaters underneath go a size up. But if the coat is just to cover up maybe a slinky dress or gown I would buy your actual size. Now on to color I believe everyone must have the two signature colors black and tan. But that doesn't mean you can't get festive and bring in some bright colors and even amazing patterns. IMG_9582 IMG_9475 IMG_9451 IMG_6653 My first look is the signature black. It has a moderate fit I bought it from Zara. I can pretty much put sweaters, shirts, etc. underneath it with no problems. It dry cleans well and I love the length. Black automatically gives your ensemble a regal look so I tend to always go for black when I'm going a little beyond casual like what I did here. I wore a super cute romper from Forever 21 (under $25) and this gorgeous crystal necklace also from Zara. I paired it with some scrappy sandals and boom there's one way to style your duster coat.   IMG_9752 IMG_9773 IMG_9768 IMG_9736 My second look is a bit more casual. Flare jeans, sexy top and high heels that's about as casual as I'm gonna go lol. The tan coat is also a classic and must have piece. I purchased this one from Asos. As you can see its a little longer in length, I like the more dramatic look for this outfit. I also have a shorter length tan coat that I wear with my flats for an even more casual look. Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Look #1 Coat: Asos - Tan Coat (similar) Jumpsuit: Forever 21 - V-Neck Culotte Jumpsuit Necklace: Zara - Long Necklace with Transparent Crystals Shoes: Aquazzura - The Queen 105 Sandal (similar) Look #2 Coat: Asos - Duster Coat (similar) Top: Urban Outfitters - Plunge Lace Up Top (similar) (similar) Pants: Zara - Flare Jeans
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