Fashionably Feathered

IMG_5056 Ok Ok, so I know at first sight feathers seem to be unusual, flamboyant, and just down right overbearing lol. I'm here to give you a short guide on how to wear feathered fashion. First thing you will need is confidence, feathers are not a normal fashion trend to many so be prepared to stand out. Next is decide just how much feathers you want to rock, whether it be on the collar, on the shoulders, on a dress, or skirt, etc. From there just simply tap into your own style and make the feather trend your own. Here, I wore a cute little sheath dress by Robert Rodriguez, the dress itself is pretty simple but that simplicity stops right above the thigh with a spice of feathers. Now I made the feather trend my style by pairing it with some knee high boots. I seriously earned a reputation for wearing thigh highs and boots lol its become my thing. So find your thing then find your feathers you got this! IMG_3552 IMG_3551 IMG_3529 No surprise when I saw this dress love at first sight. Give me a sheath dress with feather detail any day of the week. I went with my usual size but with sheath dresses you never know they can sometimes be tricky. I probably could have went one size up to be a bit more comfortable. But otherwise absolutely no complaints and in actuality all compliments. People absolutely loved this look. I could have went with some simple strap sandals but that just wouldn't be my style :-) IMG_5020 IMG_5037 IMG_5036 IMG_3450 IMG_5017 IMG_3456 IMG_3566 IMG_5022 IMG_3488 IMG_5073 IMG_3435 IMG_3616 IMG_5065 IMG_5071 IMG_5076 IMG_3560 IMG_5049 IMG_5038 IMG_3462 IMG_5064 IMG_3550 IMG_3563
FEATHERS So above is some feather inspiration. As you can see, you can incorporate feathers anywhere into your look. I love the tunic style shirt with the flare pants very fun, or you can do an entire pop of color like Ri Ri, or go all hands on deck like the gown seen above. Go subtle or go crazy just make sure you have fun!
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Dress: Robert Rodriguez - Gear Up Shift (similar) (similar) (similar) (similar) Handbag: Chanel - Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (similar) Shoes: Tony Bianco - Ariette Boot
2 Responses
  • Fritzzy
    October 31, 2015

    May I ask what camera you use to blog?
    Love the way your pictures come out ????

  • Bev B.
    November 3, 2015

    Yes I believe my photographer uses a canon 5D