Fearless Fringe

1Y0A0114 So this was definitely an unexpected post, and it's all because of a beautiful clutch I purchased from Linell Ellis. I know we've all been there, we make an impulse purchase and realize we have absolutely nothing to match it with. Yikkeeess!!! Well that was me this past weekend, I literally had to dig in crates for some pieces lol. Sometimes I pre-plan for blog post and sometimes they are on the fly, this time neither of those things happened. It was pure panic mode, I knew I wanted to wear the clutch this weekend but could not think of anything to pair with it. Then like magic I went to my back up closet (you know the one where the clothes in there are older then you lmbo) and there it was, my little fringe dress. I had completely forgot about it, it was a purchase from at least 4 years ago. Luckily Herve bandage dresses are timeless and classic, even with a little fringe the dresses seems to always remain relevant. So even though my weekend had a rocky start, I survived another misadventure of the Life in Beverly Heels :-). 1Y0A02041Y0A02051Y0A0206 This fun and fringy piece was my very first Herve Dress purchase. When I was first introduced to Herve Leger I always thought I would start with a classic piece and work my way up but nothing ever seems to go as planned in fashion. I saw the fringe on the dress and went against every piece of advice I gave myself lol. I purchased this dress in Michigan when I was visiting my mom, it was totally unplanned and as fate would have it on sale. And since hearing the word "sale" is the same as hearing the word "fate" in my mind lol, I was weak and I purchased it on the spot. 1Y0A01301Y0A02751Y0A0166 Now to the main event, I absolutely love this clutch. It's been a while for me since my last clutch purchase so excuse my excitement. For some time I've been heavy into my large leather bags or my mini cross body bags. It's been a minute since I purchased a clutch but as the song says we've been "reunited and it feels so good" :-). This beauty is from Linell Ellis a handbag designer specializing in leather goods and especially known for her quality clutches. The detail in this clutch is what I really love, I can't seem to escape the metallic trend and this item is no exception. The colors are beautiful but the metallic streaks are what I like most. 1Y0A01001Y0A02401Y0A01321Y0A01081Y0A02031Y0A0343 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Herve Leger - Herve Leger Fringe Bandage Dress Papaya Carolina Fringe (sold out) similar similar similar similar Handbag: Linell Ellis - Florence Envelope Clutch Novelty Print --> discount code beverlyheels20 Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Big Dorcet 120 (sold out) Available on Ebay
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  • Addicts
    May 16, 2015

    You are a walking perfection!

  • Bev B.
    May 18, 2015

    Thanks love I really appreciate that.