Grey vs. Skins

IMG_6150 I want to start this post off by saying I went back and forth about posting this look. Don't get me wrong I looovvveee wearing it, but it's so old I hate not being able to tell my viewers where to get it from lol. This dress is definitely in my top 5 I purchased it years ago from BCBG runway. I fell in love when I first saw this dress I wore it way too much when I first got it so for years I gave it a rest. So many times I tried to get rid of it then I always go over in my head all the places I can possibly wear it to. Hope I'm not the only one who does that. My mom always calls me a hoarder because of it lol. I will throw out anything else in my life in one second without blinking but clothes thats another story lol. Any who, back to this beauty, this piece is everything you can ever want in a dress. The fabric makes it casual so it could be worn with flats or sandals, but the cut and fit also allows it to be dressed up with a pair of sexy sandals or a pair of classic pumps. You have to love a dress that works with you instead of you working with it. Then again it is BCBG and when have they ever disappointed. The brand knows what women want and dresses them for any and every occasion. I paired the dress with another Linell Ellis clutch and some ultra chic scrappy heels from Camilla Skovgaard. IMG_6145 IMG_6332 IMG_6306 This dress is so subtle yet sexy from the low cut in the front to the detail in the back, not to mention these shoulders :-). The fabric is easy and comfortable, unfortunately I purchased over 5 years ago so I hardly know any details but I hope the dress can at least give you inspo on your next look :-) IMG_6369 IMG_6368 As I mentioned before my new obsession Linell Ellis is completely taking over my closet. I couldn't purchase one clutch with out bringing home a friend. So now I have two Linell Ellis beauties luckily they didn't set me back too much her clutches are affordable as they are beautiful. IMG_6330IMG_6329IMG_6328 Purchased these babies from The Outnet, that alone tells you I got them on a good sale lol. Don't we just love luxury websites dedicated only to designers on sale. The Outnet is definitely one of my go to sites when I'm shopping. This is my second pair of Camilla Skovgaard heels and each part are super comfy, once I put my foot grippers in, the rest is history. If your looking for a good quality, comfy, and affordable heel then you should definitely consider Camilla Skovgaard as a shoe option. IMG_6146 IMG_6157 IMG_6180 IMG_6332 IMG_6203 IMG_6207 IMG_6148 IMG_6219 IMG_6335 IMG_6167 IMG_6159 IMG_6187 IMG_6212 IMG_6370 IMG_6191 IMG_6161 IMG_6372 IMG_6242 IMG_6296 IMG_6211 IMG_6326 IMG_6223 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: BCBG Runway - Grey Cap Sleeveless Dress (sold out) Handbag: Linell Ellis - Florence Envelope Clutch Royal Python (use my code for discount: bevheels20) Shoes: Camilla Skovgarrd - Leather Sandals (sold out) available on Ebay