Just Right Winter White

IMG_6388 All winter white, all winter long :-) wouldn't that be awesome lol. Well this look is a start, it’s something about wearing all white that makes you feel ultra chic, rich, and stylish. White being such a bland color its important to mix up textures and length. White could easily wash you out and just bring down the intensity of an outfit. Hear I wore a pair of leather joggers I had custom made, I paired it with this cute sweater from Sweetie Pop Boutique and layered it with a wool duster coat from Asos. IMG_6394 Let’s talk about this cutie, cold weather is here so naturally we pull out our sweaters and scarves, but why not try something different. This sweater is perfect not just a boring sweater the open detail adds so much sass to the look. The fit of the sweater was great not too big not too small. You have to get your hands on one before it sells out. Shop Sweetie Pop Boutique here. IMG_5505 Now onto these shades. You will not believe they were only $24. Thats right real Prada sunglasses for only $24. I discovered this really cool site called Ditto. It is an endless eyewear concept, simply pick out the shades of your choice pay $24 for the monthly subscription and you get to wear a different pair of sunglasses whenever you want. This site is like Netflix for your face I love it. Its like what will the internet think of next lol!!! IMG_5347 IMG_5511 IMG_5563 IMG_6356 IMG_5487 IMG_5556 IMG_5363 IMG_6386 IMG_5587 IMG_5371 IMG_5468 IMG_5558 IMG_5422 IMG_5521 IMG_5567 IMG_5520 IMG_5440 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Sweater: Sweetie Pop Boutique - Cut-Out Top Pants: Custom Made Leather Joggers Sunglasses: Prada (Ditto) (similar) (similar) Shoes: Casadei - Silver Metallic Pumps
2 Responses
  • Charu Fashions
    December 1, 2015

    Looking Super Cool in white outfit!!

  • Bev B.
    December 5, 2015

    Thank you and thanks for visiting!