Keeping it Short & Sweet

IMG_9648 Getting set for summer by wearing sets all summer lol. I absolutely loovveee wearing "matchy matchy" short set by far the most fun and comfy trend of them all. Whether patterned, textured, or just plain neutral summer sets are always a good idea. Whats also awesome is that anyone can pull this look off. The right set flatters and compliments figures of all sizes. I like to call shorts sets that one size fits all trend. Anyone slim or thick, short or tall will look amazing in a co-ord combo. This silk set is from Zara, purchased some time last year. It's easy breezy material perfect for the weather and its loose fitting. I can literally wear this look anywhere dress it up or down. Flats, sneaker, wedges, or heels this look will be complimented by them all. I strapped on my sexy spiked sandal from Christian Louboutin and my favorite little Prada mini and was ready to go. But seriously try this trend I swear your going to get hooked, don't let all the patterns on top and bottom scare you, wearing all the colors is what actually makes the set so awesome. And if your like me go and show off as much as legs as possible, we are all as confident as we feel :-) IMG_9861 IMG_9872 So guys I have some good news and I have some bad news about this set. I searched high and low trying to find direct links for this look and I couldn't find it anywhere. On the bright side though I found some awesome alternatives I think you all will like (all links and info is below). When your shopping for your own set, you can start by searching from the places you already shop. Most places have matching sets that you can put together. But if your looking for new websites to call your fashion home. Try searching for what most sites call "co-ords" short for coordinating I assume lol. But many sites like River Island, ASOS, boohoo, all use this term for there matching sets. Happy Shopping! IMG_9904IMG_9893 Bought these beauties a couple of years ago and I remember thinking to myself, that yes they're of course beautiful, but I thought they were so dressy I wouldn't be able to get a lot of use out of them. So at the time I went against what I thought was my better judgement and purchased them anyway. Thank goodness I did, these are one of the most comfortable Louboutins I own (and we all know how the red bottom story goes lol), which is surprising because there's usually no such thing as a comfy high heel right? But after putting in a Dr Scholl heel cushion they are like walking on a cloud, well a very haute and chic cloud lol but a cloud nevertheless. IMG_9848 IMG_9822 IMG_9908 IMG_9641 IMG_9647 IMG_9683 IMG_9695 IMG_9711 IMG_9817 IMG_9834 IMG_9866IMG_9639 IMG_9749 IMG_9867 IMG_9816 IMG_9673 IMG_9734 IMG_9873 IMG_9755 IMG_9678 IMG_9852 IMG_9783 IMG_9650 IMG_9797 IMG_9876 IMG_9763 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Jacket & Shorts: Zara - Floral Jacket Sheer Back & Drawstring Short (sold out) (similar/similar) (similar/similar) (similar/similar) Handbag: Prada - Saffiano Mini Promenade Bag Golden (Tan) (Silver) (Black) Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Lady Max Spike T-Strap Sandal (sold out) Available on Ebay
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