Lace & Leather

IMG_2237 Lace and leather what a combo, perfect way to mix trends. Feminine lace and the crop cut adds a little sass to the look and the leather shorts give the outfit some edge but the tie on the shorts still softens it up. So much detail so little time lol. Finding a good casual look that can be worn for several different events is always a must. The summer time is filled with events and parties and instead of having to change 3 or 4 times a day, finding a look thats versatile for any function is important. For example this simple monochramatic look I wore for a meeting with a producer I'm working on some new projects with, but immediately after I was meeting up with some friends. I simply kicked off my heels and replaced them for some flat gladiator sandals. You still have the same stylish effect but can be worn for a different type of occasion. When I get dressed or even shop I try to keep things like that in mind. How many ways can I wear this blouse, or what type of places would I wear it, etc. A fashionista can also be a bargainista never forget that :-)!!! IMG_2257 This cute top my mom actually bought for me while she was on a trip in Florida. Not many moms may run at the opportunity to get their daughters lace crop tops lol but not my mommy she's just as stylish as me and knows any piece of clothing can be worn tastefully. The shorts are from Zara, may be sold out by now but fall is approaching and I'm sure they will reintroduce some version of them. IMG_2254 My classic and oh so faithful Chanel flap bag. I've been thinking about purchasing another Chanel lately and everyone keeps pressuring me into getting another style like maybe the Boy Bag but seriously its something about the classic flap in caviar that I cannot seem to stem away from. But I guess we'll see soon on what I decide. Right now I'm just saving my pennies in my Chanel piggy bank lol!!! IMG_2230 IMG_2244 IMG_2252 IMG_2256 IMG_2231 IMG_2253 IMG_2234 IMG_2243 IMG_2255 IMG_2261 IMG_2236 IMG_2239 IMG_2258 IMG_2245 IMG_2268 IMG_2260 IMG_2262 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Top: Unknown - Lace Crop Top (similar) (similar) (similar) Shorts: Zara - Faux Leather Tie Waist Shorts - sold out (similar) Shoes: Chanel - Lace Ruffle Open Toe Bootie (sold out) Handbag: Chanel - Large Flap Bag - sold out (similar)
2 Responses
  • Tasha
    September 12, 2015

    Omg heels so cute how much

  • Bev B.
    September 28, 2015

    I don’t remember how much they were exactly but I did get them from Saks on sale some years ago so I would check Ebay because I’m sure they are sold out.