Last Angel On Earth – Halloween 2015

IMG_6207 I went back and forth about posting these pics. I did this shoot strictly for me, no companies, no sponsorships, no commission, just me doing something fun! The photos turned out even more amazing then I imagined, thanks to my awesome photographer and life-saving assistant. I had an image in my head and it was to be sexy but still tasteful. I am a very confident person and I think at my age I have accepted a lot of my flaws and have learned to love them and myself. Body image is such a stigma in our society for that reason I decided to go ahead and put the pics on my blog. Not to show my itty bitty booty lol but to show women how to be confident and sexy. I hope I was able to execute that balance of showing my femininity and sex appeal in an artistic and tasteful way. So I hope you enjoy the pics and you can shop the look below! IMG_6450SMXA4458IMG_6217IMG_6070IMG_5957IMG_6437IMG_6285-2IMG_6191IMG_6060IMG_6452IMG_6012 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
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