Lethal Curves Presents Love Of Life Awareness Event

A week ago today I attended Lethal Curves 1st Annual Love of Life Awareness event. This event was filled with inspiration and motivation. Guest speakers from all walks of life shared their struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments. From surviving breast cancer to surviving domestic violence. Although tough and uncomfortable topics the main goal of the night was to make women feel beautiful and Lethal Curves was sure to do just that. By sharing insight on their amazing products they proved to women that when you look good, you feel good and looking good can be easy and attainable. DSC_1766 I absolutely loved the venue, myself like many other women around the world am obsessed Athleta. From the apparel to the atmosphere, Athleta was a perfect space for such an event. This Athleta is located right in the heart of Atlanta, a little mini town we call Atlantic Station. What I also thought was so amazing about this place was the fact they open it up to yoga classes how awesome right. DSC_1769_2 DSC_1770 The guest speakers were extraordinary, sharing their stories with complete strangers was an inspiration to us all. One quote that stuck with me and will probably forever be embedded in me is that "I am too fabulous to be sick". A quote like this in my opinion can have so many meanings and all of them are positive and motivating. More advice I enjoyed was a speaker stating that "you don't have to look like what you've been through". I thought this sent a powerful message, every individual has a story but we don't have to stay in that space, we have a choice to move forward and we can look good in the process. DSC_1759_2 Lastly, but certainly not least the lovely ladies of Lethal Curves spoke about their products. What I enjoyed the most about this company is that they really believe in educating their clients. Getting that kind of feedback as a consumer is very rare. This company was so knowledgable and open about their product it's nearly impossible to not be at least curious about what Lethal Curves has to offer. Known for their waist trainers, Lethal Curves also caries detox shots and even osmosis water. The company wants you to work from the inside out which I think is amazing. What they are offer are not quick fixes, these are products that can be used now will give life long results. (see product review under beauty category) Thanks again B Firm PR for having me. I truly enjoy your events I cannot express that enough. Your firm is always so inviting and the events are unforgettable. DSC_1752_2 DSC_1755 DSC_1758 DSC_1756 DSC_1767 DSC_1774DSC_1786DSC_1785DSC_1787 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Top: Leith - Knit Racerback Tank Jacket: Athleta - Stripe Jammin' Run Jacket Sports Bra: Athleta - Double Dare Radical Bra Pants: Athleta - Chaturanga Capri  Shoes: Nike - Black & White Anthracite