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IMG_3122 So a couple of weeks ago it was my favorite girl's birthday. If you didn't know this post will definitely show you I am a full blown mama's girl :-). My mom is without a doubt my best friend. She lives in Michigan while I reside here in Georgia, but you wouldn't be able to tell she is here nearly every weekend or something new we've been trying is meeting each other in different cities just to give both of us a different environment to experience together. She spent a couple days with me for her bday and I had a whole itinerary planned for her, including this impromptu photoshoot lol. She is a huge Black History fan so we drove two hours just so I can take her to the Harriet Tubman museum. She was literally like a little kid in a candy store, it made me happy to see her so excited. The next day I took her to a basketball game our home team was playing here so it was perfect she loves sports. Then I ended her extravaganza with rock climbing, it was absolutely horrible lol we could not get two feet off the ground and we were forced to stay in the kid climbing area. But she had such a good time so we made the most of it. Overall I think she had a great 49th birthday, Love you Mommy!!! IMG_2972IMG_2805 This cutie of a wrap dress is from Zara, loved the patterned, loved the length, and most of all loved the price lol. I decided to pair it with a fox fur stole. I brought the look together with my fav boots of all time (Kanye voice lol) these Charlotte Olympia boots are seriously directly from the shoe gods. The most comfortable heels I own hands down!!! As for Life in Beverly Heels Sr. lol she is rocking Zara from head to toe. We don't have Zara back in Michigan so every time she visits she goes on a Zara rampage lol. She paired the look with a fur vest and Gucci strap heels. IMG_3070 IMG_2788 IMG_2980 IMG_3001 IMG_3159 IMG_3047 IMG_3088 IMG_2806 IMG_2977 IMG_2999 IMG_3146 IMG_3045 IMG_3065 IMG_3015 IMG_2989 IMG_5936 IMG_3017 IMG_3008 IMG_3160 IMG_3043 IMG_3113 IMG_3131 IMG_3171 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Zara - Printed Dress Handbag: Prada - Saffiano Lux Mini Promenade Bag Shoes: Charlotte Olympia - Lucinda Suede & Metallic Ankle Boots Top: Zara - Funnel Collar Top (similiar) (similar) Pants: Zara - Faux Leather Leggings (similar) (similar) (similar) Shoes: Gucci - Multi-Strap Shoe Boot (sold out) (similar)
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  • Anders Lundis
    January 14, 2016

    Now we all know where your beaty comes from!!!! Love your mother pants as well, and she´s really rockin´them!

  • Bev B.
    March 8, 2016

    Awwwww Thank you so much, and thanks for visiting!!!