My Blogging Journey with Collectively Inc.

I have had quite the blogging journey thus far. What started as an outlet from my law firm 9-5 or should I say 8 -8 lol turned into a blogging dream come true. Never would I have ever imagined getting my blog to where it is now. Yes, I have always loved fashion and yes, I've always had a knack for writing. Still, in no way did I think I would be able to reach people with my blog. But in just three years I have had so many opportunities and have made so many connections because of it. By far one the best opportunities I've had is working with influencer agency Collectively Inc.
Being a newbie to blogging I was pretty much learning as I go. Not really knowing the ends and outs, and especially not knowing the business side of it. With a background in law, other then fashion I have not one creative bone in my body lol. When I was approached by Collectively I was honestly intimidated. Thinking this is the big league and I may not be ready. But the reps I was so lucky to work with literally held my hand and were there for any questions I had.
Before Collectively I had worked with brands before but never to this capacity. My first collaboration with Collectively was with Old Navy. To me this was major, I was forever grateful to represent my state in their #50Styles50States campaign. Another memorable collaboration was with Nip + Fab another brand I was quite familiar with and loved. Collectively may not know how much they have taught me in the months we have been collaborating together, but they literally broke me out of my blogging shell. I am a more confident blogger and have definitely tapped into my creative side and I owe much of that to Collectively Inc. I am forever thankful you saw potential in me that I had not even seen myself :-).  


Old Navy Denim & Tees


Old Navy Denim & Tees




Nip + Fab Campaign

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