New York Fashion Week S/S ’18

nyfw-logo I cannot believe this was my 5th Fashion Week season. How time flies, I remember flying to New York from Atlanta every year to get a glimpse into this crazy world. Now I am proud New Yorker living just blocks away from all the mayhem. Since it's my 5 season anniversary I thought I'd share a little bit about my experience thus far. It took a lot of patience and plenty bites of humble pie to get to this point. When I first started attending Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to have a sorority sister in the business that helped me out tremendously. She helped get my name out there, helped my email get on the right list, and she showed me the ropes. But trust when I say that was just half the battle. Most of the work during Fashion Week when you are first starting out is doing research. There are so many shows that are open to the public and so many going on around the city most shows would be happy to have an eager audience excited to be there and spread the word. I highly recommend simply typing the words New York Fashion Week in Google and clicking on every link on every page until your fingers get tired. From there find the emails you are supposed to RSVP to and RSVP to every last one of them. Many of them will say no, and maybe all of them will say no do not let that deter you. It didn't stop me, every year I continue to move forward and try again. Remember to stay positive every step of the way, and remember you got this! et my looks below and don't forget to see all the action on Youtube here!!!
DAY 1 img_0567 _wd_8257 DAY 2 img_1292 _wd_8541 _wd_8523 DAY 3 img_1107 _wd_8928 _wd_8814 DAY 4 img_1381 _wd_9050 _wd_9077 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Day 1: Dress - Draped Floral Midi Dress / Boots - Balenicaga Knife Boots/ Handbag - Chanel Mini Boy Bag Day 2: Top - A.W.A.K.E Twisted Sleeve Blouse / Jeans - Levie Wedgie Fit / Handbag - Gucci Belt Bag / Prada - Feather Platform Sandals Day 3: Dress - Magda Butrym / Belt - IRO Leather Belts / Handbag - Marc Jacob Camera Bag / Boots - Louis Vuitton Day 4: Suit - Custom Made / Handbag - Gucci Belt Bag

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