NYFW FW’17 (2017)

Another year, and another Fashion Week under my belt. This season was absolutely amazing. Lots of inspiration on the runway. This was my first fall season so I had to take the good with the bad. Meaning I had to haul my fashionable butt in this NYC winter weather lol. But I pushed through, so proud of myself for being a serious fashionista trooper. Hope you guys enjoy my looks and a few behind the scenes clips and pics. (outfit details below)
DAY 1: _wd_2248_wd_2236_wd_2239
DAY 2: _wd_2405_wd_2450_wd_2433
DAY 3:
Day 4:   _wd_2774_wd_2750_wd_2795 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Day 1: Coat - Charlotte Simone  Jeans - Alice & Olivia  Bag - Stella McCartney Day 2: Vest - Stella McCartney  Dress - Asos  Boots - Chanel  Bag - Prada  Hat - House of Lafayette Day 3: Sleeve - Jacquemus Dress - Pixie Market  Boots - Louis Vuitton Bag - Louis Vuitton Day 4: Vest - Fox Fur Shirt - Zara  Pants - Givenchy  Bag - Chanel
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