Product Review: 24K Faces – In Gold We Trust

My product review today involves 24K Faces Gold Face Mask. Before you turn away because you think this product is out of your budget just sit tight and be ready to be pleasantly surprised. Treating yourself to a facial is not a luxury a lot of us can afford, at-home facials are definitely the more purse friendly option. However, just because you choose a DIY product does not mean you have the sacrifice on the effectiveness and quality; and 24K Faces doesn't lack in either.

Gold and beauty have long gone together as history has taught us and this hot trend has resurfaced.  Now there is an affordable way for the rest of us to reap the beauty benefits of this precious and powerful metal with the arrival of 24K Faces by Courtney Bradley.

The 24k Gold Collagen Mask left my skin feeling firm and hydrated, not to mention my skin literally glowed afterwards. All you have to do is peel it from its pack, apply to your face, sit back relax and let the mask do its work. When applied to the skin, the ingredients in the Gold Collagen mask are absorbed into the skin where they immediately start to form a protective layer. Also contrary to how silly or scary they look on lol, it was pretty comfortable I was able to sit and watch a Sex and the City for the full 30 minutes without any problems.

After just 30 minutes my skin looked plumper and felt smoother too. Also it is very important to me to use products where there isn't too much clean up involved and this product was not messy at all. I absolutely loved it and would recommend to all that are interested.

24K Faces 24k Gold Collagen mask line is available to purchase from

Prices: Gold Face Masks & Gold Eye Mask starting at $30.00

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