Product Review: Lola Beauty Box – More Curves, Less Waist

DSC_1766 Literally did my product reviews from bed today lol, I've been so busy working on several projects I was finally able to sit down and finish up on this awesome Lola Lux Beauty Box. After attending an event that I was lucky to co-host I received what Lethal Curves is calling their Lola Beauty Box. The concept is seriously adorable, I love the Lola bunny mascot I was sold instantly. What I like most about the box is that it is actually a mystery box; meaning the products inside will always vary. In addition, the products that are placed in the box are all from small and local businesses that promote health wellness and beauty. The Lola Beauty Box is in the beginning stage and will launch spring 2015. It will continue to include some of Lethal Curves private products and a variety of beauty and health products from around the world. Curved by the Cartel Lola Beauty Box is available to purchase from Prices: The Lola Lux Box (tba) DSC_1774 DSC_1778 DSC_1779 DSC_1781 Products (inside my Lola Beauty Box): DSC_1808 1. Lethal Curves: Beauty Water - Let me start by saying I am far from a health guru, I am learning as I go like most people are. I’m sure you would agree that it seems as if there is some miracle product popping up everyday. Whether it's something that will make you lose weight instantly, or makes you look younger, etc. I believe that to some extent all these products do work maybe not in all cases but I do feel there is some truth to these products. With that said this next product is from Lethal Curves private line they will be introducing soon called Beauty Water. This is a reverse osmosis water, to break that down for us healthy lifestyle new comers; reverse osmosis is the most complete way to filtrate tap water by using a membrane to very finely remove all particles from your water. There are several benefits to drinking osmosis water that include: better digestive system, clear and hydrated skin, and boost of energy. In my case, between the detox shots and the water my energy has increased in the past couple days from using these products. In addition I believe this product has shown a difference in my skin. I was suffering from a mild breakout and after just a couple days of facial cleanser and the drinking the water the breakout ended very quickly, quicker then it ever has in the past. So far I love the results of the beauty water and greatly appreciate it fighting my breakouts. I definitely want to keep using the product and maybe do a follow up just to let you know how my reverse osmosis journey is going. Products available at   DSC_1799 2. Lethal Curves: Detox Shots - This product is apart of the private line of products Lethal Curves will be promoting soon. Being an individual with a sensitive stomach I am always hesitant about putting any foreign products into my body. I can truthfully say that I enjoyed the shots; in doing my research everyone body reacts differently. Some take these shots as additive in losing weight or some use to cleanse the body. In my experience, I felt that the shots did a light cleanse for me, I felt more energized and not as heavy and drowsy as I have been lately. The sample was a pretty nice size I haven’t used all of it and it’s been a week since I’ve began. I would recommend this product although I didn’t use it for weight loss purposes I can say that the added energy could definitely boost someone metabolism and encourage them to get into the gym. But in my case I greatly enjoyed my newfound energy and the cleansed and lighten feeling I’ve had each day since taking it. Products available at   DSC_1800 3. Floral Utopia: Flower Headband - What can I say I have officially joined the floral headband craze! It took a certain particular style and material to get me on board, and Floral Utopia knew just what to do. I have tried different floral headbands in the past and really just couldn’t get into it. But Floral Utopia was able to make a comfortable, stylish, and affordable floral headband that I just love. This is the second headband I received from them and the second is just as good as the first. The elastic band fits perfectly and it isn’t annoying like most headbands. Although these are not real flowers of course the faux flowers used are beautiful and not at all a cheap material like some headbands I have seen in the past. What I like most about these headbands is the felt that is placed on the inside to eliminate irritation so that you can have a smooth finish between your forehead and the headband. I have not one complaint about this product I recommend it to all and the owner will even make custom headbands for you, she’s amazing. Products available at    DSC_1791 4. Love Bri Products: "Nearly Nude" Nail Polish - I want to first say that I absolutely love the bottle. It’s simple and chic, I know to some people that it’s irrelevant but I really appreciate the esthetics of a nail polish bottle. In addition, to its outward appearance the actual ingredients in Bri products' are also something worth appreciating. Her products are made from organic ingredients and when you open the bottle you can actually smell the difference, it’s really unlike any nail polish I’ve ever opened. Bri products are 5 free meaning they are free of the 5 main toxic ingredients that are used in most nail polishes. Just when you thought the product couldn’t get any better the names of the swatches are also adorable. The owner Brianne, is just as sweet as her polish names really enjoyed meeting her and very happy I was able to receive a sample of her product. From the cute names, to the light but amazing fragrance, I was instantly sold. You can buy these products individually or purchase them wholesale. Trust me you will be seeing this nail polish in a nail salon near you very soon. Products available at   DSC_1792 5. The V Bar: Natural Holistic Soap - I met the VBAR Lady at the Lethal Curves Love of Life Awareness event. This was my first encounter with the VBar and the VBar Lady and this was the first time I had ever heard of her products. Anywho, I started using the soap sample a few days after the event and it is phenomenal. This soap is all natural eco-friendly, non-fragranced holistic feminine hygiene product and is proven to help with all sorts of skin problems. I am so glad I took the picture of this soap before hand because its nearly gone lol. It's really nice for the private peeks and valleys of the woman's body. It was really an honor meeting the owner (VBar Lady) Tanya M. Tibbs, we talked for nearly 30 minutes she was so knowledgable and willing to answer any questions I had. Please at least try to this product I promise your V will thank you. I’ve never felt more fresh and smooth down there. I enjoy using products that don’t have a scent on those areas so this soap was perfect for me. Since I’ve started using it I find myself trying not to use too much in one use just to save it lol. So to solve my dilemma I will definitely be purchasing more of this product in the near future. Products available at   DSC_1798 6. Naturally Fly: Midnight Mango Body Butter -  The first thing that comes to mind about this product is that I wish the sample size were bigger lol. I am a sucker for good body butter and this product was outstanding. Because the size of this sample I focused on my driest areas which are usually my feet, elbows and the bridge of my nose. I put the body butter on my feet and wore socks to bed they were soft and smooth in the morning. As well as the bridge of my nose for some reason I always wake up to dry skin there but this product fixed that after only two uses. I’d definitely buy the actual size of this product. The smell I received was midnight mango, I don’t typically go for mango scent but this one was ok. I am very glad was able to experiment and try something new. Products available at DSC_1832_3 7. Lethal Curves: Bodii Lace Bodysuit - Last but certainly not least, this little beauty not only looks great on the body it in return makes your body look great. Win win! There are mixed reviews about waist shapers I do recommend doing your research before purchasing any waist shaper. Luckily mines is from Lethal Curves this company is reputable in the waist shaper industry. They make their clients feel comfortable because they are so knowledgeable about this product. Teaching their clients the history of waist shaping and how it has evolved into what it is now. I will admit getting this baby on is no walk in the park but once I strapped myself in, I loved what I saw and felt just as good. Product available at 
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