Spicing Up Spring

1Y0A0431 Hi guys, how's your spring season going so far? Mines has been a hot one, this Atlanta weather is showing no signs of mercy lol. I feel like I've skipped my whole spring wardrobe and went straight to summer pieces. Any who, this post is all about bold colors. Don't get me wrong I am all for neutrals as I'm sure you can tell, but every now and then I like to add color to my classic style. Let's start with these show stopping trousers, when I say Zara never disappoints I mean every word. Having long legs finding a good trouser is like finding a four leaf clover, its extremely rare. I usually have to purchase what I find and have them tailored but not these I found them a couple of years ago in Zara. Hesitant at first, only because when you really think about it how often can you actually where bright orange pants lol. However, I went against my initial thoughts and bought the pants anyway and of course they sat in my closet forever. Then this following weekend I was invited to a day party and I thought this would be the perfect time. I had just purchased my cute and colorful clutch from Linell Ellis and I had this sexy little gold top I let go of my color fears lol and here it is, I am able to present this beautiful blog post to you today. 1Y0A04301Y0A0438 I purchased these pants some time ago from Zara so they may be sold out. But luckily Zara is a store that always reintroduces their suiting items. I would start my search there for a pair if not, I would just search wide leg trousers. I also want to mention don't be afraid of color and even patterns. Your biggest concern with wide leg trousers are the fit. Fit is very important, wide legs can be very flattering if tailored appropriately. So find a pair your love and get as much nip and tuck as you need lol. You will not be disappointed wide leg trousers are a staple piece in every fashionista's closet. Good luck searching :-) 1Y0A0442 This little gold top was only about $30 bucks one of Norstrom's exclusive brands. It fits a bit bigger then my actual size but I didnt mind I think the looser look went well with the trousers. I love the metallic color, I've been having a bit of metallic fever these days lol. The straps are a good distraction also for the chest conscious people, I am definitely a little weird when it come to my shoulders but I still felt confident with this top. I recommend a nice slinky top for the spring their easy and feminine so don't be afraid to show off your skin. 1Y0A0570 Look who made another cameo. Loving and lusting this Linell Ellis piece right now. Don't forget you can have one of your own and receive a nice little discount on me, trust me and thank me later your going to love it :-) 1Y0A04781Y0A05581Y0A04731Y0A04771Y0A06091Y0A0471 1Y0A04291Y0A0441 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Top: ASTR - Gold Metallic Top (sold out) similar Handbag: Linell Ellis - Florence Envelope Clutch Novelty Print --> discount code beverlyheels20 Pants: Zara - High Waist Wide Leg Trousers (sold out) similar similar similar similar Shoes: Christian Louboutin - So Kate Patent Pump