Straw Sneakers

IMG_6783 So many of you know I am no longer an ATLien, I've been living in NYC for a couple months now and I am loving it. So much history, culture, and energy in the city. I am inspired by new things everyday, everywhere you go there's something to do and something to see. Life in NYC to say the least has been a huge transformation, by far the biggest adjustment is all this darn walking!!! My shoe wardrobe has made a dramatic change. My catchy little title "Life in Beverly heels" is nearly non-existent lol. I've turned into a bit of a sneaker head. I had no choice there is absolutly just too much walking here. No car, only trains, busses, and occasional car service. That's left me with having to completely switch up my shoe game. Now I shop with sneakers and flats in mind. Everything I wear I think twice about it, I ask myself will this not only look good with heels but could I pull it off with tennis shoes or flats. It's been a challenge but New York is definitely worth it. Not to mention designers like Balenciaga make the transformation as easy as possible. IMG_6938 Sneakers are becoming very popular not only in designers ready to wear collection they've actually been popping up on the runway. Wearing sneakers with unconventional looks is a huge trend at the moment. We're seeing silk dress, skirts, even suits with tennis shoes . I personally am excited about this trend we can finally give our toes and feet a rest from our skyscraper high heels lol. I paired this adorable babydoll romper with some cute as they are comfy Balenciaga sneakers. I thought they were extremely unique being made of straw, not to mention they were on sale at Saks so I had to do it. Now I challenge you to go through your closet today and test out this trend, see what you can actually pull off with sneakers you'll be surprised how cool it actually turns out. Trust me you and your feet will thank me later lol. Happy Shopping!!! (all outfit details are below) Beverly_B-4663 IMG_6919 Beverly_B-4682 Beverly_B-4498 Beverly_B-4624 Beverly_B-4493 IMG_6784 Beverly_B-4660 Beverly_B-4453 Beverly_B-4567 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: Zara - Poplin Jumpsuit Dress (similar) (similar) (similar) Handbag: Jimmy Choo - Bali Woven  Raffia Hobo (sold out) (similar) (similar) Shoes: Balenciaga -  Raffia Race Sneakers (similar) (similar) (similar) (similar)
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