Sweater & Leather

IMG_4159 Adding a little spice to a winter fashion favorite. Sweaters for obvious reasons are essential for the winter weather. The key is to stay warm but also stay stylish. Sweaters can most definitely be accessorized and tailored to your individual style. I particularly love sweaters that run a little longer, tunic style are a must for me. You can always catch me wearing long sweaters as dresses or maybe with a short or skirt bottom. Either way I never steer away from any type of sweater. They are all welcome in Beverly Heels lol. Whether it be turtlenecks, tunics, or off the shoulder, a little styling can go a long way with a classic piece like the sweater. Today's sweater is from Zara, its super long and cozy it was love at first sight honestly. The bold slits and the off the shoulder brought me to my knees. I paired it with some leather shorts also from Zara and my Versace thigh high boots. IMG_4103 This sweater I thought was a perfect combination, its comfy and comfortable due to the loose fit. The tunic length was great I felt comfortable wearing it with a shorter length short. Also the slits on the side added a chic"ness" many sweaters lack, the ability to wear it off the should was also an added bonus. I purchased them gem from Zara in the fall last year. The leather shorts I purchased from Zara earlier last year, but fortunately at Zara they keep a different pair of leather shorts in rotation. But this look is actually quite simple, pick out a long sweater you love with some matching bottoms and a hot boot and there you have it. IMG_4149 I spoke on these boots a couple post a go and my feelings haven't changed. I absolutely love these boots they are a fashion favorite and are worth every dollar I splurged on them a couple of years ago. They went greatly with my tunic sweater seating right above the knee meeting the sweater exactly in the middle. I know many are a little intimidated by a thigh high boot, but I reassure you when styled properly a pair of thigh high boots can change your entire ensemble and in my case change your world lol. I know many long a for good hair days but myself much prefer good shoe days. IMG_4033 IMG_4075 IMG_4040IMG_4103 IMG_4086IMG_4111IMG_4101IMG_4092 IMG_4232 IMG_4264IMG_4138 IMG_4260 IMG_4242 IMG_4237   Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Sweater: Zara - Knit Sweater (similar) Shorts: Zara - Faux Leather Shorts (similar) Handbag: Chanel - Large Flap Bag (sold out) similar pair Boots: Versace - Thigh High Leather Mesh Boots (sold out)