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Art Basel 2016


Miami I swear you seem to amaze me every trip. Every time I think I know everything there is to know about you I find something new to love. Miami is like that one guy you cannot figure out. You have so much fun when you are with him but you can't quite tie him down lol. That to me is Miami in a nutshell. I headed down Miami to experience Art Basel for the second time. It's a week long experience of fashion, food, music, and of course works of arts. Definitely a trip worthwhile. Here's a very small glimpse of Art Basel through my heels... Started off comfy and cozy at the hotel (Dress: Lyon + Post) Went straight to work, shooting a couple looks on the beach (Dress: Lyon + Post) Art is literally everywhere in Miami, I loved every minute of it! Art piece from my favorite exhibit this year. Chillin and ...