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Status Atlanta


First off let me start by staying I haven't had this much fun going out in a long time. First Taste Atlanta sure knows how to throw a shindig! The Status Atlanta party this past weekend was one for the books. Clubs have become quite cliche these days same music, same crowd, same venue. But the First Taste Atlanta group managed to revamp and recreate an atmosphere I haven't felt in a while. People were actually singing, dancing and just all around vining, I absolutely loved it! It was truly a night to remember. I was honored to be part of the Status Atlanta series as a guest judge for the best dressed competition. I was even more honored that I (a judge) ended up winning the competition lol. To say the least I am looking forward to what the First Taste Atlanta has in store for the future. Their innovativeness ...

Crazy For Culottes


Ask and you shall receive lol. This culotte jumpsuit by Solace London was a big hit, everyone loved it and wanted to know who, what, when, and where. When I saw this jumpsuit on Shopbop I had to have it. But I was not the only one who could't live with out it. I was constantly reminded that disney fashionista Zendaya and movie vixen Emily Ratajkowski also wore this jumpsuit. It was an honor to have my look compared to theirs, they are both so trendy and hot right now, so I was not complaining at all. Any who this piece was amazingly comfortable perfect fabric for a humid Atlanta day. I was running around hosting an amazing brunch and the jumpsuit was up for the challenge. Seriously fell in love, it was a cute alternative to a dress. I usually stay away from tubeless dresses but I'm glad I stepped out ...