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Product Review: Lola Beauty Box – More Curves, Less Waist


Literally did my product reviews from bed today lol, I've been so busy working on several projects I was finally able to sit down and finish up on this awesome Lola Lux Beauty Box. After attending an event that I was lucky to co-host I received what Lethal Curves is calling their Lola Beauty Box. The concept is seriously adorable, I love the Lola bunny mascot I was sold instantly. What I like most about the box is that it is actually a mystery box; meaning the products inside will always vary. In addition, the products that are placed in the box are all from small and local businesses that promote health wellness and beauty. The Lola Beauty Box is in the beginning stage and will launch spring 2015. It will continue to include some of Lethal Curves private products and a variety of beauty and health products from around the world. Curved by ...