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The B Firm Presents The Table For 20 with Guest Speaker: Shateria Moragne-el (FrontRow Couture)


So this past weekend I had the pleasure of having my first #Tableof20 experience. Fashion designer Shateria Moragne el, whom you may recognize as the creator and face behind luxury brand Front Row, hosted the #Tableof20 on Saturday and it was nothing short of amazing. She was quite the motivational speaker, she spoke so confidently about her decisions in her career, one could not help but be inspired by her endless dedication to her brand. Although this was my first Table of 20 event it by far isn't my last. Throughout the event Shateria gave us advice about how to maneuver in the fashion arena. She explain to us the struggles and mistakes she made along the way and explained that those triumphs were the best part of her journey. The advice that really stuck with me, was when she mentioned to not let too much outside opinion block your vision. I loved this ...