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Business to Blogger Brunch


I attended my first Business to Blogger brunch this past Sunday and had a blast. It was just small get together for bloggers to meet and eat. This blogger brunch was awesome for two reasons, reason number one its always great meeting other bloggers in Atlanta, unfortunately there are not too many events for bloggers here. Secondly, I love eating, especially brunch lol. We met at a quaint spot near my home in downtown Atlanta called Einstein's I had an amazing eggs benedict so I will definitely be visiting again. While we dined, there was a small panel of seasoned bloggers giving advice to the newbies, they were very insightful and gave small tips on how to run your blog like a business. I definitely enjoyed myself and cannot wait until next month to meet my new blogging buddies again. I wore a very cute neoprene dress from Nicole Miller. I am ...