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Get Ready & Romper


Rompers are by far a girls best friend lol. They are as cute as they are comfy. My summer wardrobe has been full of romper moments. Different, colors, styles, lengths I have so much fun with this style. I think rompers are made for every body type which is also a plus. I always say its like wearing a dress but it's just much more comfortable. The right fit romper will seriously have you in love, you'll want to wear rompers everyday and that's exactly how I feel about this one. The stripes, the fit, the tie everything about it I love. I styled my romper with some rare Chanel sandals I found at Neimans Last Call some years ago. I have three words for these sandals "Chanel" and "on sale", that's it, that was enough for me to purchase lol. I had a chance of collaborating with an amazing store ...