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All Summer Dressed Up


Summer is just around the corner so of course insert summer dresses here lol. I got off to a pretty good start in the sundress department if I might say so myself. At the moment I'm into more midi length dresses. The length is not quite at the knee but also not as far as the ankle. It hits just in the right spot. Midi length I find to be a little more versatile, when dresses are too short your worried about flashing the goods, on the other hand when dresses are too long you can't show off your beautiful shoes. So for this look, I paired this amazing embroidered dress by Temperley London and some super fun yellow Chanel sandals. This was an outfit made in summer dress heaven lol. I rocked it to a couple events and everyone seemed to be very attracted to the colors of the ...

Liquid Leather


Today's look I'd like to think of as the deep end of fashion. For example, you may know how to swim but still, the deep end intimidates you. You want to start off in the shallow water and eventually make your way over. That's how I felt about this look. It was a big risk, very trendy, very daring, and just down right loud (no literally the pants make noises when I walk lol). But when I saw the pants in H&M I had to at least try. Once I put them on and saw how great they made my butt look I was hooked I didn't care about the risk. I paired the liquid leather pants with a cute Zara too with ruffle detailed sleeves. Then added the final touches with my leopard Stella McCartney mini and nude Dior pumps. I was so proud of myself going for it ...