The Grey Files

IMG_3712 Today's post is all about textures. I recently started working at a Law Firm and because of it, I've muted down my ensembles. Much more neutral and monochromatic colors, however choosing subtle tones isn't necessarily a bad thing. When deciding to wear colorless hues you absolutely have to style your look properly or there is a chance the blah color will make your look, just that, Blah! What I've learned about grey colored tones is that when styling its important to mix textures and different grey tones. In this look, I wore a grey pencil dress from BCBG, the texture of this dress is rich and the detail on the side with the exposed zipper and cut and sew design at the bottom added just enough edge and style. The shoes I chose for this look is also a grey color, but not just any grey, its metallic. Just a subtle change in the hue can completely change the look. With just these two pieces an office look could be complete. But I feel this dress is versatile enough that it could be worn after work as well. I myself, (if you couldn't already tell) am not much of an accessories person. For me the minimal the better, however a statement necklace or jewelry definitely wouldn't hurt this look I'm sure others would actually prefer it. Lastly, I wrapped my fur stole for the slightly cool weather and just like that, a bland color like grey can be instantly leavened up. IMG_3801 I actually couldn't tell you when and where I purchased this dress it has been a while. It was just one of those dresses we all have sitting in the back of our closet just waiting for a day it can get its shine lol. So with a combination of running out of business attire and not making it to the cleaners on time, this dress finally got to see the light of day. What I do know about the dress is that its from BCBG. But even without the tag attached there is something about a Max Azaria dress that just sands out. I've said it before and I'll say it again BCBG is just one of those designers who really knows how to fit a woman's body. Every little detail seems to flow seemingly well to a women's physique. The length was also great not too short and not too long. I myself don't really like anything in between. I either want my length sky high lol or extremely long. IMG_3616 I brought out my ever faithful and ever classic Chanel leather flap bag to complete this look. The grey hues already gave a sophisticated feel the Chanel just took that feel to the next level. I know all of us fashionistas love and adorn Chanel, but we definitely are not fans of the prices. Being a consignment boutique owner I recommend maybe going the pre-owned route. There are so many options and respectable vendors and buyers now that buying in stores isn't the only option anymore. But its just a suggestion I know the feeling walking out the actual Chanel store with a bag of our own. As for the kicks, they are Casadei, these shoes have become one of my favorites. I was a little skeptical about the heel, they are very high and no platform. But the leather quality is amazing the shoe stretches and honestly are not that uncomfortable. IMG_3753 Lastly, I get so many questions about this beautiful stole. I mentioned in my last post the trick to this stole. I just had some simple buttons and elastic ties added. After the few changes I can snap this fur onto anything because I've made it so interchangeable. IMG_3872 IMG_3775 IMG_3999 IMG_3937IMG_4007 IMG_4014IMG_3613 IMG_3682 IMG_3646 IMG_3661 IMG_3720 IMG_3738 IMG_3778 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Dress: BCBG - Zipper Detail Dress Handbag: Chanel - Large Flap Bag (sold out) similar pair Shoes: Casadei - Silver Metallic Pumps