The New Little Black Dress

IMG_2386 So just last week I attended a super cute Little Black Dress charity event, hosted by Ragtrade Atlanta and Dress for Success Atlanta. What an event it was, held at Bloomingdales, myself and a close friend definitely had a blast. An entire fashion show dedicated to beautiful black ensembles, which included dresses, jumpsuits, suits, etc. I myself decided to do a not so traditional little black dress by pairing a chic lace crop with a scuba styled midi skirt. I'm sure we all have plenty of LBD's in our closet and honestly that's ok LBD's are sexy, sophisticated, and classic. However, don't be afraid to step out of the box every once in a while. Fashion really has no limits and no look in my opinion is ever out of style we all have our individual take on fashion and that's what I love about it, its so universal it speaks all languages. IMG_2427IMG_2418IMG_2436 You know when you see a top and you literally think it was created for you. This For Love and Lemons top I seriously made myself believe they created it with me in mind lol. I loooooove it. I purchased it from Saks it was actually hiding from me, it was return and the only one in store, so like any fashionista I convinced myself it was fate and purchased it. :-)   IMG_2275 IMG_2339 IMG_2405 IMG_2488 IMG_2372 IMG_2281 IMG_2336 IMG_2462 IMG_2503 IMG_2288 IMG_2296 IMG_2332 IMG_2432 IMG_2477 IMG_2298 IMG_2302 IMG_2330 IMG_2469 IMG_2496 IMG_2279 IMG_2287 IMG_2294 IMG_2485 IMG_2297 IMG_2304 IMG_2311 IMG_2489 IMG_2315 IMG_2319 IMG_2321 IMG_2323 IMG_2278 IMG_2325 IMG_2382
Below are a couple of the looks from the show. The fashion show included amazing designers that Bloomingdales houses, while other looks are from Atlanta designers that will be showcasing their full lines at an upcoming Ragtrade Fashion show which I'm so excited for. 1K9B97541-2 Picture provided by: Little-Black-Dress-10   Picture provided by: Edmound-Newton-1170x1561 Designer Edmond Newton IMG_20150409_2302201-720x555 Designer Kenya Freeman 6544134_orig Designer Natt Taylor
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Top: For Love & Lemons -  Luau Crop Top (similar) (similar) (similar) (similar) Skirt: Asos - Midi Skirt in Scuba (similar) Handbag: Chanel - Jumbo Classic Flap Bag (similar)
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    October 7, 2015

    So glad the site is back up and running! Love love love!
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  • Bev B.
    November 3, 2015

    Awesome will do.