The Shoulder Show

IMG_4781 Soooo I'm pretty sure my off the shoulder obsession is getting out of hand and this point but I don't care I'm hooked and I love it. With that said its about time I break down the science to this trend. That's right!!!! It's level to this lol! IMG_2229IMG_2156 First off we have the actual off the shoulder top. This look can be a little tricky. You have to actually get use to the shirt sitting on your shoulders. The look can be worn with a bra to give more uniqueness but ideally no bra or strapless with this look. IMG_2096 IMG_2103 Then you have the open shoulders top. So there is an actual shirt and sleeve here but the sleeve it cut out and shows off the shoulders. I call this the beginner top for people wanting to ease into completely off the shoulder trend. IMG_4991 IMG_3582 IMG_3577 Next we have a similar look to above but this is a spaghetti strap style that just has ruffles dangling over as sleeves. Also a cute trend where you can still get away with wearing a bra underneath. IMG_4775IMG_4774IMG_4287 Lastly we have what I like to call the peasant top. This is without a doubt my favorite. It's so famine and girly everything I can ask for in a blouse lol. This top is for the bold I would say. But once your comfortable with showing off your shoulders you'll love it. street_style_9192_480x720 off-shoulder-outfits-09main.original.585x0 Allergic to Vanilla- SF style blog, off the shoulder cotton top MG_7555a Hope you enjoyed this off the shoulder trend report. Now shop, shop, shop this awesome trend and dust the dirt off your shoulders all summer!!!! Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
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