Varsity Black No Blues

IMG_5337 As you can see I'm all about sticking to the basics. From varsity jackets to pleated skirts I love remixing classic combos. Some items just never go out of style and varsity styled jackets are one of those pieces. No matter the colors, material, or fit; they always seem to make their way into trends. As for pleated skirts, they are so feminine and fun; and the fact they make them in leather all the better. I decided to add my spin on this "chic cheerleader" look by adding a cute baseball cap. Feeling like high school all over again I really did enjoy this outfit. And I can't forget about the thigh high boots lol, its probably not a shoe most would put with this look but hey what can I say I am a thigh high boot gal. Give me any look where I can rock them and I will :-) IMG_5418IMG_5445IMG_5438 Love this jacket from Design History. It's comfy, great fit, and just the right light material. Design History is this really affordable clothing site I discovered. I'm all about quality and you really get great pieces at surprising prices from this site. Love that it has a zipper closure as oppose to button and whats a varsity jacket without pockets and the ridges throughout just gives the jacket added texture. Such a cute piece you have to check them out!!! click here IMG_5319 IMG_5394 IMG_5506 IMG_5562 IMG_5573 IMG_5609 IMG_5323 IMG_5419 IMG_5509 IMG_5550 IMG_5545 IMG_5606 IMG_5332 IMG_5429 IMG_5353 IMG_5532 IMG_5358 IMG_5579 IMG_5359 IMG_5432 IMG_5364 IMG_5567 IMG_5574 IMG_5327 IMG_5580 IMG_5466 IMG_5560 IMG_5470 IMG_5610 IMG_5472 IMG_5575 Thank you for visiting. Please comment below. What's life like in your Heels?
Jacket: Design History - Varsity Zipper Jacket (similar) (similar) Skirt: BCBG - Shane Pleated Leather Mini Skirt (similar) (similar) (similar) Handbag: Louis Vuitton - Alma GM Bag (similar) (similar) (similar) Boots: Tony Bianco - Ariette Boot
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